Microwave Journal

Explosive Market Growth for SATCOM Antennas

January 31, 2006

A new 465-page report is now available from Engalco on the subject of “SATCOM Antennas — the Worldwide Industry and Market Opportunities to 2012.” This report indicates that the overall global market will grow from $887 M in 2005 to reach $6.68 B in 2010, that is an anticipated eight-fold increase in the next five years. Demand is rapidly being driven upwards on many fronts and this report segments market data as follows (mostly covering both commercial and military): aircraft, ground control hubs, VSAT terminals, land mobile, shipping and spacecraft. All types of SATCOM antenna technologies are considered in this report and the market is segmented into dish-reflector-based and flat-panel-based (including phased arrays). A total of 56 company profiles and detailed financial data on the market are provided (123 charts), together with unit prices and shipments in many cases, all with forecasts to 2012. Strongly increasing requirements for two-way broadband Internet connectivity include: rural area needs, sea-going ships, RVs, trucks and to some extent railways. Up-coming military implementations such as WGF, AEHF, the transformational satellite program in the US and Skynet 5 in the UK are also very important. Another significant driving factor is that recently, the FCC has strongly promoted an increase in the use of SATCOM — driven by experiences with recent hurricane disasters like Katrina and Rita. In terms of investments to meet these increasing demands, some broadband satellite constellations have already been launched into orbit (Thuraya and Wildblue, for example). Further commercial and military launches are planned over the years’ ahead and these, plus earlier investments, will provide the systems availability for a strong and rapid growth of airborne and terrestrial hardware and services, including SATCOM antennas. For further information, contact enquiries@engalco-research.com.