Microwave Journal

LG Handset Sales Surge

August 9, 2007

Strategy Analytics newly released Q2 mobile sales data from its ProductTRAXsm program finds that LG, Samsung and Sanyo all posted strong sales at the expense of Motorola in the US mobile market. Strategy Analytics estimates the US consumer handset market for Q2 2007 at 34.5 million units, slightly ahead of Q1 volumes. These estimates represent consumer sell-through volumes and do not include devices purchased by businesses under business contracts.

The US mobile market enjoyed another strong quarter, with AT&T leading the way at over 8.5M units sold and Verizon Wireless a close second. Overall, some 200-plus models, ranging from low end basic handsets to high end smart phones, were tracked for the Q2 period.

“Motorola’s RAZR V3m continues to retain its top selling status as the lead handset in the US with over 1.3 million units sold in Q2. However, the V series devices, as a whole, lost ground from Q1 and appear to be running out of steam,” according to Barry Gilbert, VP of Strategy Analytics BuyerTRAX programs.

David Kerr, VP of the Strategy Analytics Global Wireless Practice, notes, “LG posted a strong quarter with the 8300 model shipping over 1M units at Verizon Wireless and the C series models at AT&T shipping over 1.1M units in the quarter. Sprint Nextel continues to be a critical component of Sanyo’s global presence, with the Katana leading all device sales in the quarter.

Other key findings:

• Motorola continues to be the top handset supplier to 3 of the top 5 US operators, despite slowing sales and momentum for the numerous RAZR derivatives.

• Samsung A707 continues to be strong at AT&T, while the U740 posted healthy sales at Verizon Wireless.

• Nokia 6000 series sold well at T-Mobile with the 6030, 6133 and 5300 music device pushing the world’s largest handset vendor into a virtual tie with Samsung for second place behind Motorola.