Microwave Journal

CST and SimLab Sign Cooperation Agreement

July 16, 2007

Computer Simulation Technology GmbH (CST) and SimLab Software GmbH (SimLab) have signed a participation and cooperation agreement.

Through this agreement, CST has acquired a stake in SimLab, whereby joint research and development activities will become more intense and the two companies will work together more closely in the area of sales and marketing. SimLab’s extensive know-how in the EMC market complements CST’s expertise in the 3D EM simulation market.

It is envisaged that design engineers interested in SI/PI and EMC/EMI effects will profit from this new cooperation between the two companies through increased intensity in SimLab’s product development and support. In addition, the agreement will facilitate the smooth integration of SimLab’s cutting edge tools with CST’s full wave analysis.

“CST’s financial investment will help SimLab reinforce its efforts in R&D and sales,” said Florian Glaser, managing director, SimLab. “We are looking forward to working very closely with the CST team to further improve our products’ capabilities. In particular, this will enable us to meet the continuously growing demands from the industrial EMC market. Through this agreement, SimLab will benefit from greater visibility which in turn will accelerate expansion within the US and Asia.”

For CST, the company’s managing director, Bernhard Wagner, commented, “SimLab has great products and a dynamic R&D team.” He added “We have noticed a strong increase in demand for our 3D EM tools from the EMC market and have recognized the necessity for an extended range of products to truly satisfy our customers’ needs in EMC simulation.”