Microwave Journal

CTS Strengthens Microwave Planning Capability

June 11, 2007

CTS International, a company held by AGF Private Equity, GIMV and Sofinnova Partners, has acquired the Planet EV wireless network planning software product line from Ericsson.

CTS International combines a leading position in the field of microwave planning with a solid financial foundation. The company is committed to delivering world class customer service and to advancing the Planet EV product through continued innovation, with a strong focus on 3G and 4G.

The Planet EV intellectual property, technology assets and human capital acquired through this transaction will enable the newly formed group to strengthen the leading, global position of Planet EV and Ellipse Microwave Planning in the field of wireless network planning and optimization.

With 110 employees, the new organization will be headquartered in Paris, France, and will have offices in Dallas, TX, Ottawa, Canada, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Japan. It will serve and support a growing base of customers located in 90 countries. The transaction is expected to close by the end of June, at which time the new organization will be launched globally with a new identity.

Philippe Catherine, CTS International CEO, stated, “Planet EV is a proven solution we have successfully distributed for over three years. This acquisition enables us to bring together two state-of-the-art solutions in the area of network planning with a combined heritage of more than 15 years in the industry. Planet EV and Ellipse Microwave Planning customers will benefit from this transaction through ongoing investments and dedication to the network planning and optimization market.”