Microwave Journal

Research Cluster Comes Together in Finland

May 1, 2003

Micronova, the new microelectronics and nanotechnology centre for Finland, has been inaugurated in Espoo. A joint project of the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) the centre houses three research areas of VTT Information Technology, units of various HUT departments and five client companies providing facilities for a total of approximately 320 people.

This nationally unique and internationally competitive research cluster will focus on microelectronics and nanotechnology research and innovative activities based in the field. It is by far the largest national research centre in the area of microelectronics, solid logic technology and sensor technology. The specially designed clean room facilities that are required in research are the largest and most highly rated in Scandinavia, and among the five largest in Europe.

The rapid development of microelectronics has, for a long time, maintained the growth rate of the electronics industry at double that of industry as a whole. The aim for smaller, faster, cheaper and less energy consuming equipment increases the significance of research in this area. Therefore, a key feature of the centre is that it offers improved connections between basic research and applied industrial research and product development. It functions as a microelectronics business park for companies that require a high quality product development environment, offering the use of Micronova's facilities, research equipment and expertise.

Although a national facility, the centre also has potential on the global market and units located in the centre have a broad international co-operation network.