Microwave Journal

Saab Wins Estonian Air Defence Contract

April 6, 2007

The Estonian government has signed the contract for the new Estonian Air Defence System—the Very Short Range Air Defence Missile System (VSHORADMS).

Following fierce competition between leading European and US defence companies the contract, valued at around €60 M, was awarded to MBDA and Saab.

The VSHORADMS is based on MISTRAL missiles from MBDA, Giraffe AMB radars, command and control centers, and a communication system, including NATO links from Saab Microwave Systems.

The 3D Multirole Giraffe AMB search and surveillance radar, which is a vital part of the system, belongs to the latest generation of Saab’s ground-based surveillance radars. When delivered the VSHORADMS system will be fully NATO compatible by using NATO data links such as Link 11B and LLAPI, integrated by Saab Microwave Systems.

Mikael Johannison, head of sales for Baltic and Central Europe at Saab Microwave Systems, said, “Estonia’s selection of Saab for this contract is an important milestone for us in providing tailor-made ground-based air defence systems.”