Microwave Journal

RFI Builds-up Bluetooth Test Capability

December 20, 2006

To meet the demand for testing Bluetooth V2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) designs, RFI Global Services has expanded its Bluetooth EDR test capacity by taking delivery of significant upgrades to its existing Bluetooth test platforms and an additional EDR RF tester. EDR RF qualification testing will soon become Category A (mandatory to use a BQTF) and the new test system will complement the company’s current Category B EDR test system.

RFI’s suite of test platforms for Bluetooth now includes: an RF tester for V1.1/V1.2/V2.0, an EDR RF tester V2.0 + EDR, the company’s in-house category B EDR RF test system, and a protocol tester for V1.1/V1.2/V2.0/V2.0 + EDR, including the HCI test suite. In addition, the company offers customers the PTS tester with official BC4 Nanosira Dongle (validated by the Bluetooth SIG).

This combination of test platforms and capacity offers the capability of running, in parallel, basic rate RF, EDR RF and profile interoperability tests, thus reducing the time of full approval to only five days. This capability is claimed to make the company competitive, even in Asia, as very few compliance labs are able to offer this kind of turnaround and lead time.