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October 30, 2017

Design Environment: RF/Microwave EDA Software Suite

National Instruments (formerly AWR Corporation)NI

The NI AWR Design Environment product portfolio consists of high-frequency design environments that embrace system simulation (Visual System Simulator™) and circuit simulation (Microwave Office), as well as electromagnetic analysis (AXIEM and Analyst™). The "registration-required" download site provides access to software downloads, documentation and design examples.

Accepted trial requests provide an immediate 7-day license, access to support services and training videos, and an opportunity to extend to a 30-day trial pending company approval.


Sonnet Lite™


Sonnet Lite™ is a free feature-limited version of Sonnet's professional Sonnet Suites, which provides EM analysis to thousands of companies across the globe. Many major manufacturers of high-frequency components and boards depend on Sonnet to analyze their predominantly planar high-frequency designs from 1 MHz through several THz.

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µWave Wizard™Mician

Mician Inc.

µWave Wizard is a full wave EM software suite for developing passive RF networks. Included are synthesis tools for filters, transitions, reflector assemblies and horn feeds. A unique combination of hybrid solver technology and three built-in optimizers using Mode Matching, 2D/3D FEM and Spherical Wave Expansion algorithms guarantees fast simulations and accurate results.

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