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Keysight’s SystemVue 2017 Enables Industry’s First 5G Design, Verification Process

September 20, 2017

Keysight Technologies announced the latest release of its SystemVue electronic system level (ESL) software. Offering unique phased array antenna and other 5G functionality, Keysight EEsof SystemVue 2017 provides designers with the industry’s first 5G design and verification process.

SystemVue is a premier simulation platform for system design and verification. The software enables users to combine existing baseband, RF and channel models to evaluate the entire system.

Software Enhancements

SystemVue 2017 update adds the capability for designers to accurately design phased array antennas for 5G mobile networks. Unlike other tools, SystemVue 2017 can account for RF effects like the S-parameters of off-the-shelf phase shifters and attenuators and X- or Sys-parameters of nonlinear amplifiers and mixers. With this capability, users can characterize radiation of spurious intermodulation signals from the array, i.e., in direction and power, which helps avoid interference with nearby antennas and ensures compliance with FCC spectral emission rules.

SystemVue 2017 also adds functionality not possible with other 5G electronic design automation (EDA) solutions on the market today. The software allows designers to create pre-5G compliant reference designs and validate hybrid RF-digital beamforming in 100 GHz millimeter wave channels. Verizon and KT 5G wireless standards, RF phased array and multi-antenna diversity beamforming iare also supported. A Verizon-KT 5G library provides designers with a head start into the 5G market by enabling pre-5G development now, followed by the 5G New Radio (NR) standard once it becomes available.

SystemVue 2017 provides important new software features designed to enable early electronic product design based on emerging standards with high margin and volume potential:

  • New automotive radar library with unique pedestrian channel models.
  • Enhanced LTE-Advanced baseband verification library for validating NB-IoT product designs.
  • 802.11ax enhancement to the WLAN baseband verification library for designing even higher speed Wi-Fi networking.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Keysight’s SystemVue 2017 simulation software is available now. Pricing starts at $20,000. More information on the 2017 release of SystemVue is available at www.keysight.com/find/eesof-systemvue2017.

Charles Plott, marketing and planning manager of Keysight Technologies’ design engineer software organization, said, “Keysight provides the largest array of design and measurement solutions being applied to wireless research and development. Our powerful new 5G functionality in SystemVue 2017 is just another in that long line of solutions and a prime example of how we are innovating to help accelerate deployment of the fifth generation of mobile wireless.”