Microwave Journal

Savoring the Moment and Planning Ahead

November 4, 2013

I write this while basking in the glory of the recent Red Sox World Series game 6 victory over the St Louis Cardinals. I was one of the 38,477 fortunate fans in Fenway Park to witness the Sox’ third World Championship in ten years and it was truly an amazing experience. It had been 95 years since the Red Sox last won the series at Fenway and it was a special night indeed. Congratulations to all of Red Sox Nation, and to non-Sox fans, “there’s always next year”.

Speaking of next year, I am happy to share the 2014 MWJ Integrated Marketing Planner. In it, you’ll find all of the information needed to plan your 2014 ad program, including some new offerings for the New Year. We start the year off with a bang, debuting “Augmented Reality” in the pages of the January issue. This cutting-edge technology will create a digital experience for our readers by embedding video and other rich media into select editorial and advertising. It brings the content to life by adding layers of digital information which can be launched with the readers’ smart phone or tablet. I’m really looking forward to seeing this technology in action. MWJ clients have expanded their use of rich media on our website as well, with welcome ads and wallpaper units gaining in popularity. These are high visibility, high impact ads that take online advertising messages beyond static banners. We recently launched our version of ePostcards, which we’ve branded as the “Microwave Messenger”. These email broadcasts are distributed to 10,000 targeted readers and contain up to 75 words of text, one image, company logo and link. We put it together in our template, you proof it and off it goes. Very easy and very effective. We’re launching a new video program called “Frequency Matters” (this tag line should sound familiar) in 2014. These will be short video clips in which MWJ editors bring you the latest news, products and event happenings every two weeks. Sponsorships are now available. If you’re looking to expand your brand in China, we have a proven publication that reaches 10,000 qualified subscribers, a new website ready to launch and a conference/exhibition that drew 2,500 attendees in its first year. We expect EDI CON to be even bigger and better in 2014.

That’s a quick look at what’s coming in 2014. The magazine continues to excel, with unique content that addresses the most current technologies and issues facing our industry. The editors have some exciting things scheduled for 2014, so stay tuned. Your ad in the “magazine” reaches subscribers in print, digital and mobile formats, delivering your message whichever way our readers choose.  

We’re working on the December issue of MWJ, which is focused on “Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Applications”. The deadline to reserve ad space is November 12th, with ad material due by November 15th. Contact your ad representative for more details.


Carl Sheffres