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July 12, 2013


3D EM Simulation Software
Agilent announced the latest release of Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro), its 3D electromagnetic simulation software. EMPro 2013 helps design engineers identify and resolve difficult electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems. It also offers a number of new capabilities to reduce simulation time and increase design efficiency. The software allows engineers to simulate the radiated emissions of electronic circuits and components and then determine whether these emissions are within levels specified by common electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, such as FCC Part 15, CISPR 22 and MIL-STD-461F.
Agilent Technologies Inc.,

Anritsu Co

CA Software
Anritsu announced the availability of LTE Advanced carrier aggregation (CA) measurement software for its MT8820C RF tester, enabling analysis of leading-edge mobile devices incorporating the new ultra-fast technology evolution. The new option leverages the ParallelPhone Mode dual-RF capability of the MT8820C to simulate inter-band and intra-band downlink Frequency Domain Duplex CA with call processing. With the software installed, the MT8820C becomes the first single-box tester with the capability to conduct three critical CA receiver measurements, providing LTE device designers and manufacturers with a cost- and space-efficient solution.
Anritsu Co.,


Simulation Platform Additions
COMSOL announced the release of major new additions to the COMSOL simulation platform. The latest version of COMSOL Multiphysics, version 4.3b, introduces five new application-specific modules and expanded modeling and analysis tools. With the introduction of the new modules (Multibody Dynamics, Wave Optics, Molecular Flow Semiconductor, and Electrochemistry), users in key application areas from major industries now have access to the new modeling and simulation tools offered by COMSOL. Release highlights are available at www.comsol.com/4.3b.

Comtech Xicom Technology Inc

Web-Based Interface
Comtech Xicom Technology Inc. announced a new Web-based interface for the company’s LCD touch screen amplifiers. The new graphical user interface (GUI) displays the identical images on a computer screen as that shown on the amplifier’s LDC control panel offering an easy-to-use off-site interface for monitoring and controlling multiple amplifiers and switches. New features such as built-in uplink power control and new system configurations have been added and like the new Web browser support, are available with a firmware upgrade.
Comtech Xicom Technology Inc.,

MIMO Testing Release
EMSCAN introduced RFX2 and RFxpert software release 4.0 to address MIMO testing. This improved RFX2 has the capability of calculating pattern correlation and envelope correlation in multi-antenna systems; these coefficients can be used in calculation of MIMO diversity gain and channel capacity for specific wireless channels. The 4.0 release is a major improvement for RFxpert as it includes a large number of new features including MIMO data, user requested enhancements and substantial accuracy improvements.

X-COM Systems LLC

RF and Microwave Signal Analysis
X-COM Systems introduced version 4.0 of its Spectro-X RF and microwave signal analysis software, the industry’s most comprehensive toolkit designed to search for and analyze signals of interest within long-duration recordings of signal activity. New features include the ability to simultaneously analyze up to four recorded RF and microwave spectrum files with precision file alignment to plus or minus one sample, multi-domain correlated markers and features that make the software more versatile and easier to use.
X-COM Systems LLC,


Anatech Electronics Inc

Outdoor Cavity Bandpass Filter
The AB913B488 water-resistant cavity bandpass filter has a center frequency of 913 MHz, bandwidth of 20 MHz, insertion loss of 1.6 dB, rejection of at least 40 dB at 895 MHz and 931 MHz, and handles 30 W. Return loss is greater than 15 dB, ripple is less than 0.2 dB, operating temperature range is -40° to +70°C, and connectors are Type-N female. The filter measures 140 × 80 × 56 mm.
Anatech Electronics Inc.,

Florida RF Labs

Lab-Flex AF Cables
Lab-Flex® AF, a modified version of the popular Lab-Flex series, is now available from Florida RF Labs. This new family of cables has been enhanced to perform in typical harsh environments associated with airborne, shipboard and ground-based applications. Florida RF Labs proprietary cable assembly design utilizes a redundant sealing system to prevent water ingress in both cable and connector interfaces and it employs a very durable dielectric design which is able to withstand crushing or kinking.
Florida RF Labs,

G.T. Microwave Inc

Diode Phase Shifter
Model P2P-68T-5 is a broadband digitally controlled pin 360° diode phase shifter operating from 6 to 18 GHz. This device offers up to 0.088° resolution with 12 bits of TTL compatible binary logic and switches in less than 500 nSec. Across the entire band, phase accuracy is ±10°, amplitude balance ±1.0 dB, and VSWR 1.9:1 in 50 Ω.Input power is up to +15 dBm CW or 1 W max. The operating temperature range is extended from -55° to +85°C.
G.T. Microwave Inc.,


Herotek has recently developed many different types of microwave limiters. The high frequency bands for 1 to 40 GHz have power handling of 1 W CW and fast response and recovery time.  The 10 W LS Series offer super broadband for low-frequency 0.01 to 6 GHz range application with extremely low insertion loss and VSWR. The 25 and 40 W CW LS Series offer high-power limiting performance over 1 to 12 GHz. Custom designed high power limiters may have power up to 200 W CW.

Microwave Electronics Corp. of America

Low PIM Terminations
MECA Electronics announcd its latest low PIM terminations/loads with industry leading -170 dBc (typical) passive intermodulation. All of the terminations cover 698 to 2700 MHz frequency bands. Ideal for IDAS/ODAS, in-building, base station, wireless infrastructure, 4G and AWS applications. VSWR = 1.10:1 (typical). Made in USA and 36-month warranty.
Microwave Electronics Corp. of America,

Integrated Microwave Assemblies
Mercury Systems’ switching capability forms the core of its integrated microwave assemblies (IMA). These products are custom-based designs for mission-specific applications. The assemblies typically consist of the integration of switches and switch matrices, amplifiers, digital/variable attenuators, filters, gain equalizers, BIT circuitry, oscillators and other RF and microwave functions. Benefits include FPGA and CPLD logic devices simplify the control interface for complex logic requirements; programmable temperature compensation; attractive choice for airborne applications; and custom-based designs for mission-specific applications.
Mercury Systems,


Bandpass Filter
NBP-1560+ is a bandpass filter built in a rugged connectorized package. Covering a passband of 1500 to 1620 MHz, these units offer good matching within the passband and high rejection. This will find its application in transmitters/receivers and harmonic rejection. It has repeatable performance across production lots and consistent performance across temperature.

Planar Monolithics Industries

Phase Shifter
The PS-360-DC-IR-9G10G is a 10-Bit digitally controlled 360° phase shifter that operates from 9 to 10 GHz. This model offers low insertion loss of 7.5 dB and a phase shift accuracy of ±0.6° typically. The typical switching speed is 300 nsec and operates with input power levels up to +20 dBm. This model requires a single voltage supply of +12 to +15 V DC with a current draw of 40 mA. The housing measures 4.95" × 3.38" × 1.02". Other frequency ranges are available.
Planar Monolithics Industries,

Renaissance Electronics

Waveguide Isolator
Renaissance Electronics has developed a new low loss, high isolation waveguide isolator for Satcom applications that covers 43 to 46 GHz with industry standard interface of WR 22. With loss of 0.5 dB and 18 dB isolation, it is ideal for low noise figure Satcom receivers.
Renaissance Electronics,

Synergy Microwave Corp

Low Conversion Loss Wideband Mixer
The SGS-5-17 mixer is a wideband, surface mount mixer designed to cover the frequency ranges from 3 to 19 GHz. This makes it ideal for radar and fixed microwave radio and instrumentation applications. This mixer comes in a very small, surface mount package. The overall dimensions of the mixer are 0.275" × 0.20" × 0.06". Further full band characteristics are typical conversion loss of 7.5 dB with local oscillator power of +17 dBm, typical LO to RF isolation of 25 dB.
Synergy Microwave Corp.,

Vaunix Technology Corp

Digital Attenuators
Vaunix announced additions to its LDA digital attenuators line. Five of its LDA digital attenuators are now available with N-Type connectors. The LDA series of Lab Brick® digital attenuators includes 50 Ω RF step attenuators with calibrated operation up to 6 GHz. These units connect to a USB port for control and power and require no additional DC supply voltage. They are easily programmable for fixed attenuation or swept attenuation ramps directly from the included GUI.
Vaunix Technology Corp.,


SAGE Millimeter Inc

Linear PA
Model SBP-1031133040-SFSF-C1 is an X-Band power amplifier that delivers 30 dB small signal gain and 10 W linear power to cover the 9.5 to 10.5 GHz frequency range. The amplifier integrates input and output isolators to offer better than 1.2:1 VSWR and safe operation when input or output show extreme load
conditions. It operates at +12 V DC and typically consumes 80 W power. The RF connector type for the model is SMA (F). The amplifier measures 4.1" × 5.5" × 3.0" approximately.
SAGE Millimeter Inc.,

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc

The TQM879026 is a digital variable gain amplifier (DVGA) featuring high linearity performance in a fully integrated module. The amplifier module features the integration of a high performance gain block, a digital step attenuator (DSA), along with a high linearity ¼ W amplifier in a compact package. The internal DSA offers 0.5 dB step, 6-bit, and 31.5 dB range and has a serial controlled interface.  The individual stages are accessible to external ports.
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,


M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (MACOM)

Flip Chip PIN Diode
MACOM announced a new broadband general purpose amplifier for Multi-market applications. The MADP-000907-14020 is designed for customers who need a versatile, low cost, ultra-small PIN diode solution for police radar, point to point, electronic warfare and aerospace and defense applications. The device is a package-less PIN diode with contacts that allow for standard solder reflow manufacturing processes. Unlike its nearest alternatives, the MADP-000907-14020 is fabricated using an AlGaAs process which provides customers full passivation for increased performance and reliability.
M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (MACOM),

Skyworks Solutions Inc

Surface Mount Limiter Diode
Skyworks Solutions introduced a surface mount limiter diode for receiver protection applications. The CLA4608-085LF is a low capacitance silicon PIN limiter diode designed for high power applications ranging from 10 MHz to over 6 GHz. Maximum resistance at 10 mA is 1.2 Ω and maximum capacitance at 38 V is 0.65 pF. Given its low thermal resistance (50°C/W) and capacitance, the new shunt connected diode is best suited for infrastructure, land mobile radios, jammers and radar in the military and consumer markets.
Skyworks Solutions Inc.,


Crystek Corp

Crystek’s CVCO33BE-6000-6000 voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) operates at 6000 MHz with a control voltage range of 0.5 to 4.5 V. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -85 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset and has excellent linearity. Output power is typically +5 dBm. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the model CVCO33BE-6000-6000 is packaged in the industry-standard 0.5” × 0.5” SMD package. Input voltage is 5 V, with a maximum current consumption of 40 mA.
Crystek Corp.,

CTS Electronic Components Inc

Model 144 is an ultra-low power miniature low profile OCXO. The oscillator uses a unique heating technology allowing optimal performance at an extremely low 0.15 W. The device’s SC cut crystal is housed inside a TO-8 vacuum package and is DIL-14 compatible, thus radically reducing its weight, power consumption and warm-up time (30 seconds). In addition, the part is highly stable (±5 ppb over -30º to +70ºC) and it has exceptional performance with phase noise as low as -170 dBc/Hz floor at 100 MHz.
CTS Electronic Components Inc.,

Jackson Labs Technologies Inc

Jackson Labs Technologies’ latest product combines the Cesium Vapor Cell reference with an ultra-high-precision ovenized SC-cut crystal oscillator for ultra-fast warmup, excellent holdover, low power, exceptional phase noise, and Allan Deviation (ADEV) performance in the xE-012 range. The combination of the relative strengths of both oscillators results in an overall package that is capable of competing with the highest performance commercially available Cesium Reference clocks, with a price point an order of magnitude lower than legacy products.
Jackson Labs Technologies Inc.,

Z-Communications Inc

RoHS Compliant VCO
Z-Communications announced a new RoHS compliant voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) model SMV2950A-LF in the S-Band. The SMV2950A-LF operates at 2850 to 3050 MHz with a tuning voltage range of 0 to 2.5 V DC. This compact VCO features phase noise of -85 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset while operating off a 3.0 V DC supply and typically drawing 15 mA of current. The SMV12950A-LF provides the end user typical output power of 3±3 dBm into a 50 Ωload.
Z-Communications Inc.,

Rache Corp

Processing Equipment
Rache Corp. has developed a proprietary laser cutting process that can cut virtually all thin, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal foils that range between 0.0005" to 0.060" thickness (0.005 to 0.040 inches for Aluminum, Brass, and Copper). Microwave stripline and EMI shielding are excellent candidates for Rache’s rapid prototyping service. Production quantities of final designs can be delivered only days after prototype approval. Cost for up to five laser-cut prototypes is only $295, 48-hour turnaround on prototype’s is guaranteed or they are free.
Rache Corp.,

Test Equipment


GNSS Constellation Simulator
Spectracom announced its GSG series GNSS simulators, designed to offer as much capability as needed by developers, integrators, and manufacturers of applications for global satellite navigation. The company offers two fully configurable and upgradeable platforms. For common single frequency applications, the GSG-5 series simulates up to 16 GPS satellites in the L1 band. For more advanced applications, the GSG-6 series offers up to 64 channels in 4 different frequency bands simultaneously.