Microwave Journal

Rapid Service From Innos

July 26, 2006

Innos, the UK’s nanotechnology research and development company, has launched its Rapid Prototyping Service, which has the capability to rapidly reduce costs in wireless components R&D and time-to-market of new wireless devices. The company aims to capitalize on Europe’s strong position in wireless technology, particularly in the RF CMOS field where the UK is estimated to own 40 percent of the world’s RF CMOS design capability.

The new service is designed to eliminate the prototyping bottleneck by enabling one-off circuits to be built in a very short turn-around time, in the same country or continent and in dialogue and partnership with its designers throughout. At the service’s heart is Innos’ state of the art microelectronics clean room at the Philips MiPlaza in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. From there the company is able to offer advanced lithography (including electron beam direct write) enabling clients to construct and test integrated RF CMOS circuits similar to the old fashioned ‘breadboard’ technique at a relatively low cost.

Innos’ sales, marketing and technology director Dr. Alec Reader explained, “Our new rapid prototyping service will cut the proof of concept design and testing timescales for this industry right down, on average from 18 months to under two months. The knock on effect of course is that we dramatically help reduce the time-to-market for these exciting new wireless products.”