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January 16, 2012

MDL’s Reflectometer Calculator
The Reflectometer Calculator allows engineers to input any one of three known values, (Reflection Coefficient (p), VSWR or Return Loss), to quickly convert to the other unknown values. This tool allows the user to put their System or Component’s performance in perspective. Users can quickly convert to numbers they are comfortable using to determine the System or Component’s RF efficiency. The calculator will even provide engineers with a window of uncertainty for measurements taken with less than perfect systems (Coupler Directivity).

MDL’s Rigid Waveguide Slide Rule
To simplify specifying a waveguide product, the slide rule shows different flange types in terms of material selection, such as brass or aluminum, and also shows the pertinent MDL model number for the different flange choice. The slide rule changes values instantly when another waveguide size is selected, allowing users to quickly browse through different waveguide sizes and designations to find the transmission line that is suitable for their application.



AWR Corporation

TX-LINE® is a FREE, easy-to-use, Windows-based interactive transmission line calculator for the analysis and synthesis of transmission line structures. TX-LINE enables users enter either physical characteristics or electrical characteristic for common transmission mediums such as:

  • Microstrip
  • Stripline
  • Coplanar waveguide
  • Grounded coplanar WG
  • Slotline

TX-LINE runs on Microsoft® Windows® 2000-SP4, XP-SP2, Vista-SP1, and Windows® 7

Download Windows Version Here
Download Your FREE Copy of TX-LINE iPhone App