Microwave Journal

Maury Microwave Corp.

January 17, 2011

MTT-S Booth 726

Introducing Maury’s TactiCal™ Solutions – an all-new line of precision components and calibration standards from Maury Microwave.

Maury Microwave Corporation has announced the introduction of an entirely new line of instrument-grade PRECISION COMPONENTS designed to provide users with the right level of performance at the right price. This new product line, TactiCal™ by Maury, includes calibration standards manufactured to the same high quality and exacting requirements that have made Maury’s metrology-grade products the Gold Standard of the Test & Measurement industry for over 50 years.

TactiCal™ precision components and calibration standards include 50 ohm coaxial VNA calibration kits, opens, fixed loads, and shorts in 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm and type N. This new product line also includes between-series and in-series coaxial adapters in these same connector types. Waveguide-to-coax adapters will also be available in the future. Maury’s road map for the TactiCal™ Solutions Line includes a Q3-2010 introduction of the 2.92mm family of Precision Components.

As Maury's Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing - Components Products, Ken Hargrove puts it, “There are many applications across the measurement, production and field service environments where a repeatable and credible measurement made with durable precision components is the requirement. Maury TactiCal™ precision components fit this requirement to a 'T' and our customers will be delighted by their price and performance.” Why should users be forced to choose between compromising their measurements or committing to a costly schedule of frequent component replacement? Adds Hargrove; “We’ll give you best-in-class performance and you can expect better than 500 matings. Now that’s accuracy and durability!”

TactiCal™ calibration standards are ideal for applications that demand accuracy and repeatability, but don't require high cost metrology-grade/lab-grade performance. This means the TactiCal™ line can be offered at a significant cost savings to the user while providing the ruggedness and durability needed for high-volume field service and repetitive measurement applications. Competitive prices, combined with high availability and short delivery times, make Maury TactiCal™ Solutions very attractive to users and industry managers alike.

Those interested in learning more about TactiCal™ Solutions, or Maury’s Lab/Metrology-grade products, are invited to call the Maury Sales Department or visit our website at the phone number and web address shown below.

Tel: 909-987-4715 Fax: 909-987-1112 Email: maury@maurymw.com
Online at: http://www.maurymw.com/TactiCal_pcs.htm