Microwave Journal


May 11, 2014


CST DESIGN STUDIO (CST DS) is a powerful and easy-to-use schematic design tool that radically speeds up the analysis, synthesis and optimization of complex structures and electromagnetic systems.

How does it work? CST DESIGN STUDIO (CST DS) enables the synthesis of complex systems from simulation blocks. These blocks may represent circuit components, Ibis or Touchstone models, or analytic models from an in-built library. Particularly valuable are parametric models from various members of the CST STUDIO SUITE,such as CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, CST MIROSTRIPES, CST PCB STUDIO,or CST CABLE STUDIO.All the simulation blocks can be synthesized in CST DS. The simulation taskconcept enables the rapid analysis of various aspects of the complete system's behavior.

CST DS's open architecture enables the user to combine results from the best source available (simulation tool, analytical model, measurement results) in one user-friendly environment.