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PXI Modular Instrument 3000 Series

January 17, 2011

Aeroflex Adds New Features to Enhance Flexibility of PXI Modular RF Test Platform

Electronica 2008, Munich, Germany (Booth A1.117) and Stevenage, England—Nov. 11, 2008—Aeroflex today announced several new product features for its PXI Modular Instrument 3000 Series that will provide users with a greater degree of flexibility than ever before. To meet customers’ current and future RF testing needs, Aeroflex is advancing its PXI 3000 product line with the addition of a new embedded PXI system controller, enhancements to the 3030 Series GSM/EDGE measurement suite and two new arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) memory options for 302xC models. The 3000 Series also now includes SelfTest capabilities and general enhanced functionality with the latest driver updates.

“We continually evolve our comprehensive modular RF test platform with performance and flexibility improvements in conjunction with the advancing technologies our customers encounter,” said Tim Carey, PXI product manager, Aeroflex. “With the addition of these enhancements, our PXI platform is not only keeping pace with our customers’ needs, but staying one step ahead of them.”

The new 3001B PXI slot 1 system controller is replacing the 3001A. The 3001B offers up to ten percent faster measurement speed over the 3001A and incorporates an Intel® Pentium™ M 760 2.0 GHz processor with 1.5GByte memory and 80GByte HDD. This controller also includes a built-in IEEE488.2 GPIB controller, DVI-1 video, a high-definition audio I/O and will be supplied with a Windows® XP™ operating system. To accommodate the new 3001B, Aeroflex is introducing a modified 3000B 8-slot PXI Chassis with touch screen LCD panel display to replace model 3000A.

The enhancements to the GSM/EDGE PXI measurement suite (3030 Series Option 100) complete Aeroflex’s range of PXI measurement suites supporting 3GPP cellular wireless standards. The latest measurement suites add a high-level programming interface and a graphical user interface plug-in for use with Aeroflex’s PXIStudio application software. The GSM/EDGE measurement suite simplifies programming and integration of PXI into automated test applications for GSM/EDGE handsets/devices.

Aeroflex now offers two new AWG memory extensions for the 302xC RF signal generator series including Option 03 (1GByte) and Option 04 (2GBytes). Both options are low-cost, deep-memory AWG solutions for applications requiring larger playback times or multiple waveform segments. With 3020 option 01 also fitted, these AWG signals are also available as differential baseband I & Q outputs as well as modulated RF outputs.

Also available for PXI is a new SelfTest software utility that performs system-level verification of all Aeroflex 3000 Series module variants when configured for transceiver testing. The software provides test log reports and first-step diagnostics if a problem is detected, providing complete confidence in the operation and performance of the PXI system and minimizing downtime when trying to decide which component to swap out. SelfTest is a free download utility from the Aeroflex website.

The latest driver software for the Aeroflex 3000 Series, version 6.3.0, adds new functionality including acquisition triggering capabilities that improves immunity from false triggering from extraneous signals, flexible AWG trigger functions, extended FM modulation deviation range and higher speed signal generator list mode switching. Together these capabilities make manufacturing test applications more robust and easier to integrate.

Pricing and availability
The 3000B 8-slot PXI Chassis, 3001B PXI slot 1 embedded system controller and 3020 AWG memory extension options 03 and 04 are now available. For details on price and availability, contact your Aeroflex sales representative at (800) 853-2352 or info-test@aeroflex.com.

PXI 6.3.0 driver software and SelfTest application supporting the Aeroflex 3000 Series of PXI-based modular RF instruments will be made available to download free of charge from the Aeroflex web site.