Microwave Journal


January 17, 2011
Tyco Electronics announces the M/A-COM TU-6401, a new lightweight low power SIGINT microwave tuner designed for signal search and collection applications. The M/A-COM TU-6401 provides simultaneous narrowband and wideband IF (intermediate frequency) outputs centered at 160 MHz (100 MHz bandwidth) and 1 GHz (500 MHz bandwidth). The tuner's frequency range operates from 0.5 to 18 GHz and features a RF (radio frequency) down converter which is integrated with a direct digital synthesizer to uncouple tuning speed from phase noise, creating the fastest high performance tuner on the market today. "The M/A-COM TU-6401 microwave tuner is a valuable tool in the collection, processing and analysis of signals in the RF microwave spectrum," said, Marty Cunningham, sales and marketing director with Tyco Electronics. "Because of its built-in local oscillator distribution system, the TU-6401 tuner can be used in beam forming and direction finding systems, as well as in a wide range of other electronic signals intelligence and electronic warfare applications." The M/A-COM TU-6401 is housed in a two-slot 6U VME package, weighing less than seven pounds. The intermediate frequency and log video outputs are suitable for direct input into an external analog-to-digital converter for special signal processing, spectral analysis and pulse parameterization. The tuner's noise figure is rated less than 15 dB (<12 dB typical). Sweep speed over the 0.5-18 GHz tuning range per 500 MHz steps is less than 100 ┬Ásec and F1 to F2 step tune speed is less than 5 ┬Ásec for any step size. Also designed for single and multi-channel (frequency and amplitude coherent) systems, the M/A-COM TU-6401 tuner contains an on-board FPGA (field programmable gate array), which allows custom operating parameters that can be modified to mission requirements. Pricing and Availability Please contact Tyco Electronics' M/A-COM domestic and international sales channels for price and delivery information. Data sheets and supporting technical documents are available online at http://www.macom.com/sigint.