Microwave Journal

MODELS: SYS6X0639 and SYS4X0520

January 17, 2011
MITEQ introduces two more models into their multiplier family of products. Model SYS6X0639 is an X6 multiplier that accepts inputs from 6.375 to 6.566 MHz at 10 dBm and produces outputs from 38.250 to 39.400 MHz at 5 dBm. Input harmonic rejection is –70 dBc minimum and the unit includes integrated printed filters. The SYS6X0639 measures 1.280” x 1.200” x 0.275”. Model SYS4X0520 is a frequency quadrupler that produces a 20 GHz, 10 dBm signal for an input of 12 dBm at 5 GHz. This multiplier also features high rejection to input harmonics by using printed ceramic filters to achieve –80 dBc or better suppression of odd harmonics and –70 dBc or better for even harmonics. The SYS4X0520 measures 1.280” x 1.200” x 0.270” without connectors. Both multipliers are supplied with field replaceable SMA female input and male output K-connectors, require +15V at 130 mA, -15V at 10 mA and are supplied in hermetic housings.