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M/A-COM Technology Unveils Map and Positioning Engine Module with NAVTEQ

October 13, 2011

Agreement enables predictive road attribute data to enhance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Lowell, MA, October 13, 2011– M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. (M/A-COM Tech), a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, has collaborated with NAVTEQ to create the industry’s first commercial Map and Positioning Engine (MPE) module. This solution will provide vehicle control systems with predictive road awareness of 1 kilometer or more to enhance active safety, energy efficiency and driver information systems in vehicles independent of a navigation system.

The M/A-COM Tech MPE module integrates the NAVTEQ MPE™ Map compiled database to communicate Electronic Horizon messages to the vehicle control domain. This ground-breaking architecture makes road-based predictive information available to vehicle subsystems. Relevant map attributes include enhanced 2D geometry, curvature, absolute height, slope, speed limits and more.

Through advanced safety and efficiency control systems, vehicles can leverage these new inputs to save fuel, extend Hybrid vehicle cruising range, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the robustness of active safety systems. “We are very proud to be a part of this technology collaboration with NAVTEQ,” said Scott Nist, M/A-COM Tech Director, Sales Strategy. “It’s truly amazing what our teams were able to accomplish together. With the global challenges for fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction it will be wonderful to begin to see the benefits realized in these advanced vehicle systems.”

NAVTEQ and M/A-COM Tech’s collaboration on the MPE module provides the industry with a complete product offering designed to enable map-enhanced driver safety and efficiency controls, independent of an installed navigation system. The MPE module can enable a Hybrid powertrain to anticipate a hill and an upcoming regeneration opportunity, a transmission control to dynamically manage shifts based on a pending hill or curve, and a driver to be actively warned if the vehicle speed is unsafe for an upcoming curve. Until now, automobile control systems using road features like geometry, height, slope and curvature, to augment safety and efficiency systems, were required to have an in-dash navigation system as the source of map data.

“NAVTEQ’s award-winning MPE reference architecture brings an affordable map-enhanced solution to all vehicle segments,” said Jim Robnett, NAVTEQ’s Vice President of Vehicle Sales, North America. “Collaborating with M/A-COM Tech provides another opportunity for vehicle customers to integrate advanced ADAS capabilities into their vehicle designs and is further validation of NAVTEQ’s MPE reference architecture and the quality of our map data for ADAS.”

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