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Remcom Announces Expanded Consulting Offerings for Organizations Needing Electromagnetic Simulation Expertise

June 12, 2011

January 12, 2011 -- State College, PA - Remcom announces expanded consulting offerings for commercial and government organizations needing electromagnetic (EM) simulation resources. Remcom Consulting provides a combination of EM modeling experts, software developers, and high performance computational resources on a per-project basis; this service is designed to help organizations that need EM expertise but that do not have an ongoing need for EM simulation software.

Deliverables of Remcom Consulting include:
• Inspection of the EM properties and characteristics of a device and subsequent design recommendations
• Accurate and prompt simulation results generated with Remcom’s suite of EM simulation products and high performance computing resources
• Rapid, virtual prototyping of device performance in realistic situations prior to physical modeling
• Development of new custom software
• Assistance to government agencies and contractors in the development and enhancement of their software applications

Michael Hicks, Remcom’s director of sales and customer service, said, “Remcom has provided engineering resources to customers for many years and has a long and successful history of solving challenging software problems for them; however, creating a more defined product offering demonstrates our commitment to providing an even wider range of solutions to the market. While our software products continue to be the core offering of our business, we realize that some customers only need EM testing and analysis for a short period of time or for a specific project. In those cases, we recommend Remcom Consulting as a cost-effective arrangement tailored to be as comprehensive -- or as limited -- as the customer wants.”

With broad experience in both practical and theoretical electromagnetics, Remcom’s engineering team is uniquely qualified to complete the product design and implementation process for organizations that lack internal EM resources. Jim Stack, training, applications and consulting manager, said, “It would be expensive and challenging to hire resources with the same combination of skills that Remcom’s team offers. Also, in addition to our simulation software, we have access to very high end computer systems and the most advanced GPU technology available to run extremely complex calculations quickly and efficiently.”

Beyond practical design problems, Remcom can provide custom software development or conduct advanced EM and radio frequency research and development. Key technological achievements and past projects include:

• Development of novel ray tracing algorithms
• Custom optimization and workflow tools
• Body heating studies
• On-platform antenna analysis and optimal placement
• SAR analysis of implantable medical devices
• Proof of concept experimental designs

In addition to Commercial Consulting, Remcom offers Government Contracting, performing development and analysis services for a number of government customers including the Naval, Air Force, and Army Research Laboratories, the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US Army CECOM, and CERDEC. Remcom is also eligible to bid on Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) contracts. Organizations or academic institutions that are interested in collaboration are encouraged to contact Remcom.

For more information and examples, visit www.remcom.com/consulting. To discuss a particular project or collaboration opportunities, contact Remcom directly by calling 1-814-861-1299 or via e-mail at sales@remcom.com.