Microwave Journal

CST Webcast Presentation: Modeling Susceptibility of Large Airborne or Ground Based Structures to Lightning

September 20, 2010

An online event which will examine the fundamentals of the lightning stroke and how simulation can predict the current paths and potential damage mechanisms on a structure hit by lightning.

Making use of specialized solver capabilities such as diffusion modeling, cable harness simulation and "compact models" to efficiently model effects of slow lighting transients on large structures.

• Location: Worldwide
• Date: 23 Sep 2010
• Time: 2PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific
• Duration: 45 Minutes
• Register at the following link: https://cstevents.webex.com

This presentation will look at the fundamentals of the lightning stroke and its direct and indirect affects on exposed structures made of varying materials. It will show how CST’s TLM solver is ideally suited to simulating the complete pulse on a typically large structure and correctly identifying the current paths and potential damage mechanisms. Various examples will be shown of how simulation data can help identify problem areas and potential protection measures.