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Rogers Corp. Highlights Broad Portfolio of Connection Techniques for RO-LINX Busbars & Advanced Thermal Solutions

April 16, 2010
Friday, April 16, 2010

Rogers Corporation will highlight its RO-LINX® busbars and advanced thermal solutions at the upcoming PCIM Europe 2010 Exhibition (May 4-6, 2010, Nuremburg Exhibition Centre, www.mesago.de).

Representatives from Rogers BVBA Power Distribution Systems Division (www.rogerscorp.com/pds) will be on hand in Hall 12, Stand 439, to detail the company's broad portfolio of connection techniques for their RO-LINX Laminated Busbars. Laminated busbars are an essential part in power modules as they serve as an interconnection part that links components, cables and modules together. Having the right connection technique is important to guarantee an optimal electrical performance of the laminated busbar and the complete power module. Rogers Power Distribution System provides a wide range of creative solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Rogers will also showcase its Thermal Management Solutions Division (www.rogerscorp.com/tms) and its HEATWAVE™ metal matrix composite (MMC) material for overcoming difficult thermal management challenges through effective and efficient dissipation of excess heat.

HEATWAVE MMC is an aluminum silicon carbide (AISiC) metal matrix composite material that is ideal for thermal base plates, heat spreaders and pin fin heat sinks. Available in a wide range of thermal conductivities, it features excellent specific stiffness, tightly controlled coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and has considerably lower density than other thermal management materials.

Rogers TMS will feature HEATWAVE 14 AISiC materials and components. These materials produce components that provide an upgrade to copper base plates with negligible cost impact. HEATWAVE AlSiC 14 materials reduce CTE by 25% and weight by 68% and improve reliability in IGBT-based power modules, and are especially suitable for alternative energy technologies.

Visit Rogers Thermal Management Solutions at booth number 12-439 during the PCIM show for more information on all of Rogers HEATWAVE products.