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Auriga Measurement Systems wins SBIR Award for Design Services

July 18, 2007
LOWELL, Massachusetts, July 18, 2007 Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC today announced it has been awarded a research and development contract entitled "Solid-State High-Efficiency Radar Transmit Module" by the Naval Air Warfare Center. Auriga will lead the project with its partner, Raytheon, on this Small Business Innovation Research Award. “We are very excited about winning this Award,” stated Dr. Yusuke Tajima, director of modeling and design services for Auriga. Tajima continued, “We just started pursuing business opportunities through the SBIR and believe Auriga’s industry experience can be highly leveraged to meet the government’s needs through this type of program. We anticipate this being the first of many of these types of awards.” After successful completion of this project, Auriga will be eligible to win an already identified follow-on award that would include final development, production and commercialization of the transmit module to governmental and non-government customers. About Auriga Measurement Systems LLC Auriga Measurement Systems is a manufacturer & service provider of custom automated test equipment & components. Auriga believes that the close link between measurement science and device physics is critical to improving the current state of device modeling, and that a sound understanding of the basic physics of current active devices is mandatory to the delivery of cutting-edge modeling, characterization and test-systems solutions. Auriga provides improved test, characterization and modeling solutions for high-frequency, high-powered, complex RF microwave front-ends, allowing its customers to benefit from the Auriga team’s more than 150-years experience of delivering time & cost-efficient solutions to the industry’s leading RF/Microwave users. Auriga’s lab and manufacturing facility is based in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Please visit Auriga at www.auriga-ms.com.