Microwave Journal

Agilent Media Alert regarding 3GSM 2007 (Barcelona, Spain)

January 8, 2007
AMSTELVEEN, The Netherlands, Dec. 15, 2006-- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that it will demonstrate its wide-ranging portfolio of communications test solutions at 3GSM 2007 World Congress. Agilent's portfolio of design and test solutions addresses the needs of network equipment manufacturers, infrastructure designers, chipset manufacturers and service providers. The conference will take place in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 12 - 15, 2007. With communications technology advancing on many fronts and the continuing moves toward convergence, communications companies need application-specific design and test tools that can evolve to meet their changing needs. This is especially true in an environment where standards are often fluid and not finalised until late in the design and implementation cycle. At 3GSM 2007 Agilent will demonstrate: New logic analyzers that provide digital and stimulus analysis for Digital RF solutions (DigRF 3.0x). The integration of digital and RF technology in a mobile handset is an aspect of convergence in communications that is creating widespread interest. Agilent is one of the first companies to offer testing solutions for DigRF. New wireless libraries for 3G LTE (Long Term Evolution) that are part of Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS), which is widely used by communications component and equipment designers. New one box tester design and verification solutions based on the latest release of 3GPP specifications. Agilent will announce 7.2Mbps HSDPA coupled to real-time 3GPP network mobility signalling and InterRAT voice and data handover solutions providing broad, cost-effective RF and functional test coverage and support needed by designers for validation and regression testing New manufacturing test solutions that support the draft 802.11n wireless LAN specification that adds Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) capabilities to increase data throughout and range. New drive-test solutions that allow cellular operators to characterise the performance of their networks. By monitoring network performance in the field, network planners can make the right investment decision as to where to build or which base stations to improve. These drive-test solutions have a completely new user interface and multi-technology receiver platform. assureME Intelligence, the industry's first solution to manage services and customers in real-time by combining customer experience data with SLA contract information and enterprise data. Latest N2X and Network Tester solutions for 3G data link integrity and triple play service performance validation -- crucial components for network planning, optimizing and troubleshooting by equipment manufacturers and service providers. New Signal Analyzer solutions that support the convergence of mobile IP. Agilent will announce new Signal Analyzer solutions for IMS, UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) and HSUPA (High Speed Up-link Packet Access). Agilent is committed to creating leading-edge design, test and service management solutions for its customers across the value chain, focusing on delivering solutions for customers at the right time and with the right performance. Companies that design, build and deploy the latest-generation products and services for WiMAX, UMTS (HSDPA, W-CDMA, EGPRS, GPRS and GSM), Bluetooth(tm), ZigBee(tm), UWB and others are using Agilent's products to accelerate their time-to-market and improve their revenue flows. "Agilent understands the importance of developing innovative technologies for next generation wireless," said Benoit Neel, Agilent vice president and general manager of the company's European field operations. "We are determined to continue to expand our range of innovative wireless communications design and test products and applications in order to open new frontiers, help maximize productivity and provide cost savings."