Microwave Journal

Agilent Technologies unveils new design and test products at MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

June 23, 2006
Featured Products Agilent is introducing several new capabilities for its PNA Series network analyzer to simplify complex measurements for multiport and active device test. The new capabilities enable RF and microwave engineers to characterize components faster and increase production throughput while enhancing accuracy. Option 551 enables full N-port calibration and S-parameter measurements to increase measurement accuracy on multiport devices. Combining Agilent's 4-port PNA-L network analyzer with the new 20 GHz 4-port test set (Z5623AK44) provides full 8-port error correction and measurements with a single device connection. A 2-port PNA Series network analyzer combined with the new 20 GHz 10-port test set (U3022AE10) enables full 12-port error correction and measurements. The 4-port 13.5 GHz PNA-L (N5230A Option 140/145) offers the best combination of speed and accuracy with measurements as fast as 4 us/point. New dual source 13.5 and 20 GHz 4-port PNA-L network analyzers (N5230A Option 146/246) enable fast fixed IF converter and amplifier tests such as intermodulation distortion. PNA-L's new scalar-calibrated converter measurements (Option 082) provide accurate, match-corrected conversion-loss measurements of mixers and converters. In addition, the equation editor allows PNA series network analyzers to automatically calculate and show application-specific parameters such as the K-factor of amplifiers from S-parameter measurement data. Agilent is announcing the availability of an IEEE 802.11n MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) modulation analysis capability for its 89600 Series vector signal analysis software. Featuring a broad set of measurements, this capability is the ideal R&D tool for developers of MIMO-based IEEE 802.11n components, subsystems and systems, using general-purpose measurement tools. The Agilent N4010A wireless connectivity test set (with option 107) supports Bluetooth EDR (enhanced data rate) test mode, ensuring devices adhere to the Bluetooth 2.0 standard by enabling loop-back testing of EDR transmitters and receivers. With six of eight EDR test cases built in, the N4010A provides fast, accurate EDR testing. The new Agilent 3D electromagnetic (EM) design and verification software, EMDS, is based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). EMDS delivers the full-wave electromagnetic modeling capability needed for characterizing 3D design geometries at a significantly lower cost than competing products. Agilent's new E8663B analog signal generator provides the industry's best close-to-carrier phase noise performance available in an off-the-shelf signal generator, making it ideal for developing high-resolution radar and electronic warfare systems and their components. Its superior level accuracy ensures that all measurements are repeatable and precise. The Agilent PSA built-in measuring receiver personality (Option 233) converts the general-purpose PSA series high-performance spectrum analyzer into the flexible and compact N5531S measuring receiver system. The N5531S consists of a PSA, including an optional audio input, a P-Series power meter, and a sensor module with single-input connection up to 50 GHz. It sets a new standard for signal generator and attenuator calibration to meet the most stringent metrology/calibration requirements. The Agilent N191xA Power Meter measures a W-CDMA signal sourced from an E4438C, presenting input and output CCDF curves.