Microwave Journal

New release of Ansoft Designer

April 26, 2006

PITTSBURGH - February, 2006 - Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ANST) today announced the release of Ansoft Designe™ v3 software for the design of high frequency communication systems. The release offers expanded Solver on Demand® capability and new design verification technology to speed the design process of RF systems, RF/analog IC's and increases the accuracy of signal integrity studies.

“Ansoft Designer allows engineers to capture high-frequency parasitic behavior directly in their circuit simulation and apply that knowledge toward design optimization and verification,” said Dr. Rich Hall, director of Ansoft Designer R&D. Dr. Hall continued, “By extending the Solver on Demand technology to include HFSS™, engineers can perform parametric design optimization with GHz-accurate full-wave extraction.”.

By including HFSS, the company’s 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation software into Ansoft Designer’s Solver on Demand capability engineers’ gain maximum flexibility in characterizing RF components. Users can easily implement electrical models ranging from Ansoft Designer’s planar EM or approximated equivalent circuit models to 3D full-wave using HFSS through a single key click. The ability to balance the optimum level of accuracy versus required simulation speed provides a great benefit to engineering productivity. For designs with large transistor counts and/or high spectral content, Ansoft Designer v3 also supports HFSS co-simulation with Nexxim, Ansoft’s high capacity, transient and harmonic balance, circuit simulation software.

The new Design Verification features include user-defined Design Rule Checking (DRC) to address the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) requirements of high performance RF, IC and SI applications. Individual designers and CAD/EDA support professionals can now implement design verification scripts to track manufacturing constraints and flag potential problems before tape out.

Ansoft Designer v3 New Features:
• Solver on Demand for HFSS
• Automatically generate ports, boundary box and 3D structure
• New component grouping feature
• Represent components with multiple models (HFSS, netlist, planarEM…)
• Cache solution data across multiple instances for SOD elements (planarEM, HFSS, Q3D)
• Design Verification
• Scripted Design Rule Checking (DRC)
• DRC supports creating, checking, and fixing layout directly from within the Ansoft Designer layout editor.
• Develop a rule set containing scripts based on either JScript or VBScript