Microwave Journal

Looking Swell in 2012

December 6, 2011

Judging by the end of year activity among our advertisers and the flurry of articles submitted for next year, I would say 2011 ended with a bang and 2012 looks to continue the momentum. Our editorial commitments for product features are booked through April and much of our technical content and special reports are defined as well. In addition, the first quarter of the year has several noteworthy trade shows (MWC, DesignCon, Satellite, CTIA), which usually means new product announcements and industry news to report on. Here’s a look at some of the special editorial we have planned for early 2012.

January – Radar and Antennas

Our first issue of the New Year is dedicated to the theme of radars and antennas. Judging by the attendance to radar related webinars and forums that the Journal has organized in the past, radar topics are among the most popular with our readers. To kick-off the New Year, we have solicited an article from Mercury Computer/LNX entitled, “The Changing Role of Microwave Technologies Inside Radar Systems.” For design engineers trying to characterize large radar systems, we present some of the latest in simulation technology with a feature from ANSYS on their “FEBI Hybrid Method for Radar Systems Modeling”. Bob Muro of Wireless Telecom offers a perspective piece on why peak power measurements matter in ultra-low duty cycle radar applications and RF semiconductor manufacturers RFMD and Hittite offer features on RFICs and GaN devices for radar and other high power applications. In January, we will feature a maritime surveillance radar product family from Aselsan, a new Turkish microwave company making its debut in Microwave Journal and an article from Cobham on BuNGee – beyond the next generation of mobile networks. In addition to several technical features, we have a special preview report on DesignCon 2012, which begins at the end of the month in Santa Clara, CA. MWJ will be distributed at this show, so any test & measurement, EDA, and component manufacturers targeting this high speed chip/package/PCB design conference and exhibition, may want to consider advertising in the January issue. Likewise, this issue will also be distributed at Mobile World Congress for companies marketing to mobile device and infrastructure markets.

February – High Frequency Boards, Components and Systems

This month’s focus is on microwave and high speed circuit design that occurs at the printed circuit board level, including advanced packaging. Every year, technologies that support miniaturization and highly dense board circuitry are common themes for articles in this issue. This year, we have recruited Professor Tentzeris of Georgia Tech to talk about the latest advances in materials specifically targeting high frequency applications. We complement this article with a look at choosing the proper stack-up in a multi-layer PCB in order to reduce noise by CST. For companies engaged in RF PCB design, system or subsystem modules, hybrids or the surface mount components that get used in them, this is an excellent issue to be associated with.

March – Test & Measurement. March Supplement – Cables & Connectors

Test & measurement vendors are often at the forefront of our technology, developing next generation equipment for the latest communication standards and continually evolving demands for R&D and production test. Every year seems to bring new levels of performance in phase noise, dynamic range, speed, and accuracy, not to mention lower costs for more performance. In recent years, new categories of scopes and analyzers have been introduced into the market as well as new display technologies and data analysis functionality. Our cover feature this year will look at how recent advances in test technology calls for replacing outdated test equipment in customized test systems specifically for the aerospace and defence markets. We also take a look at the links between test and simulation with an article from National Instruments/AWR, modeling software from AMCAD and device modeling systems from Maury Microwave, and multi-path link emulation from dBm. In our supplement, we hear from the leading manufacturers of cables and connectors on their latest advances and new products.