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EB Launches Aerospace Application that Tests all Possible Radio Systems

November 2, 2011

EB, Elektrobit Corp., a developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, announced its new updated version of Aerospace Application for the EB Propsim® F8 radio channel emulator. Developed for commercial airborne, satellite communication and defense use, the new update for aerospace emulation feature has the ability to test high velocity radio links on ground, in air and in space. The updated Aerospace Application extends the delay range which enables to emulate long distance to GEO satellites or even to the moon.

Radio communication system testing in realistic field conditions, meaning test flights or test launches of rockets or missiles, is extremely expensive and non-repeatable. In satellite applications, testing in realistic conditions is not feasibly affordable or in some cases - possible - at all. Failure in end use of these applications could cause a faulty unit floating in space or soaring over the earth - a potentially costly situation.

EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator with Aerospace Application is the solution to verify critical communications that could not be tested otherwise. It's widely used by organizations developing complex SDR based mobile ad-hoc networks, such as systems developed under the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). EB Propsim provides single unit solution for on ground testing and aerospace testing. Developers can verify the on ground communications and use the same device in testing of wide band data links to aircrafts or UAV's. EB Propsim emulator faithfully reproduces physical radio channel phenomena like delays, extreme speeds and accelerations of e.g. maneuvering aircrafts combined with jamming and interference with the best repeatability and accuracy available on markets. User will benefit from faster development cycles, reduced costs and, what's most important, improved quality of their end products.

"By creating a product that can realistically emulate delays from both terrestrial and satellite devices in one test equipment, we are providing cost savings and ensuring high performance of the customer product," says Jari Heinänen, Director at EB. "Aerospace Application provides extreme test conditions including huge Doppler shift, very long delay, and multi-path propagation."

The solution is based on EB Propsim F8 emulator platform and EB's Aerospace Application. The Aerospace Application is used for creating the radio channel models for the emulator and visualizing the radio propagation characteristics. With the application, users can select the most interesting points of the emulation from the model and run them in laboratory conditions.

Elektrobit will be at Milcom 2011 from November 7 to 10 in Baltimore, MD, in booth 1814.