Microwave Journal

12 kW Solid-state Pulse Amplifier

October 12, 2011

The Advantech Wireless model APRA-L12000A is for a 12 kW L-Band solid-state pulse amplifier operating in the band of 1.2 to 1.4 GHz. Intended for radar applications, this unit provides the peak power with a duty cycle of up to 12 percent. The unit consists of 8 × 1.8 kW modular amplifiers that are phase combined using a special high power, low loss combiner.

The product was created in response to an overwhelming demand in the marketplace for robust, solid-state pulse amplifiers that can be vehicle-mounted. It can be used in military and civilian radar systems. Due to the modular architecture, a failed RF module may be safely removed and replaced without service interruption (hot-swapped). A single module failure will cause a drop of only 1.16 dB in output power. The Interface Panel containing a redundant input/driver module provides the Monitor and Control Interface for the entire system. The power supply system is also modular, operating on a load-sharing configuration with hot-swappable capability.

The pulse amplifier operates on the basis of a TTL gating signal that must precede the RF pulse by 5 ms. The pulse rise/fall time is less than 100 ns. The pulse droop is less than 1 percent at 100 μs. The system is fully protected against CW signal applied, pulse length > 120 μs or incorrect duty cycle (> 12 percent).

The complete unit occupies a space of 17U with a depth of 20 inches. The cooling fans on the modules may be replaced without removing the unit from its location. The design of the APRA pulse amplifier is based on Advantech Wireless industry-proven reliable solid-state power amplifiers.

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