Microwave Journal

Q-par Angus Launching Spiral Antenna

October 6, 2011

Q-par Angus Ltd., a microwave antenna and development company based in Leominster, UK, is launching a new “base-line” compact ultra-wideband 0.5 to 18 GHz spiral antenna intended for UWB communications, feeds, radio surveillance and direction finding applications. The 152 mm diameter antenna, which is Circularly Polarised (CP) with bore-sight axial ratio better than 3 dB above 0.7 GHz, will be exhibited in booth 243 at EuMW.

After thorough development and testing, this new “base-line” antenna is a welcome addition to Q-par’s range of Spiral Antennas. These currently provide wideband performance up to 42 GHz, with either left or right hand CP. The new design will allow Q-par to quickly modify the antenna to meet specific customer requirements, resulting in reduced development lead-times. Spiral antennas are used in many applications because of their low cost and size. They are often used in EW applications such as Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) systems and as Threat Warning Antennas in threat warning receivers.

Robert Lowther, Q-par Angus Sales and Marketing Manager says, “We believe we have developed an excellent ultra wideband spiral antenna that reinforces our position as a leading, innovative microwave antenna company. We are proud to say that this antenna is designed and manufactured in the UK and look forward to launching the antenna at the 2011 European Microwave show in Manchester, UK, during October.”