Microwave Journal

EU Funds Action on the Development of Graphene

July 10, 2011

The use of graphene-based electronic devices for RF and microwave applications has become high profile and the subject of cutting edge research, various aspects of which were outlined at the 2011 IEEE MTT-S IMS in June. Recognising the importance of the material, the European Commission is funding a coordinated action on graphene to develop plans for a 10-year, €1,000 MFuture and Emerging Technology (FET) flagship.

The research effort of individual European research groups pioneered graphene science and technology, but a coordinated European level approach is needed to secure a major role for EU in this ongoing technological revolution. The graphene flagship aims to bring together a large, focused, interdisciplinary European research community, acting as a sustainable incubator of new branches of ICT applications, ensuring that European industries will have a major role in this radical technology shift over the next 10 years. An effective transfer of knowledge and technology to industries will enable product development and production.

The graphene flagship already includes more than 130 research groups, representing 80 academic and industrial partners in 21 European countries. The coordinated action is lead by a consortium of nine partners who pioneered graphene research, innovation and networking activities. It is being headed by Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

"We are convinced that exploiting the full potential of graphene will have huge impacts on society at large, and thrilled that the EU Commission shares our view and believes in our focused and open approach to moving forward," said Professor Jari Kinaret of Chalmers University of Technology.