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April 6, 2011
Marketing Tips for the RF/Microwave Industry
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April 5, 2011

Letter From the Publisher

The One-Two Punch

Carl Sheffres, Publisher, Microwave Journal

So my colleagues have been giving me a hard time about the promo piece that I created to describe this year's "added-value" opportunity for our May MTT-S show issue advertisers. I guess they think it's hokey, gimmicky, cheesy, ugly or even worse. They particularly don't like the graphic of a businessman with boxing gloves and an angry demeanor. I don't doubt that their comments are justified, but hey, I was just trying to make a point. They are probably just jealous that they didn't come up with the idea.
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Marketing Tips & Trends

My Toolbox
Dave Strand, Strand Marketing

Reflecting on 24 years worth of MTT shows, I thought what better way to talk about ideas for this year than to share what I've found successful and keep as a constant in my toolbox, what new ideas I've been pondering, and what I've archived in my "at least it was good for a laugh" museum.

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International Companies Profit by Exhibiting at MTT-S
Julie Teinert and Robyn Tinsley

As with any other marketing effort, a successful tradeshow depends on strategic thinking about objectives and developing effective ways to engage prospects before, during and after the show. In other words, it's not just about the booth display. With the IEEE MTT-S IMS show coming up in early June, let's take a look at how International companies can take full advantage of their tradeshow presence. This article presents a Top 5 list of successful tradeshow tactics.

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Upcoming Editorial & Webinars

David Vye, Editor, Microwave Journal

Welcome to the calm before the storm. The Mobile World Congress and CTIA Wireless shows are behind us. The International Microwave Symposium (or MTT as us old school people call it) looms on the horizon. I imagine most of you with exhibition responsibilities are busy hammering out details right about now. For the past three weeks I've been fully immersed in preparing contributions for our May IMS Show issue while the other Journal editors have been putting the wraps on our April issue.
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