Microwave Journal

Temex-Ceramics and Modelithics Partner

January 25, 2011

Temex-Ceramics and Modelithics have partnered to provide S-parameter data on Temex-Ceramics’ CLX (2225) and CLE (4040) HiQ power capacitors. Measured broadband, 0.04 to 2 GHz data was acquired using series and shunt mount fixtures, and is now available for free download from the Modelithics website at http://www.modelithics.com/mvp/Temex%20Ceramics.

Modelithics President & CEO Larry Dunleavy commented that, “We are very happy to provide this new Temex data download area to our website and welcome Temex-Ceramics as a new Modelithics Vendor Partner.”

Temex-Ceramics HiQ Capacitor Product & Marketing Manager Frederic Petit said that, “The HiQ Power Capacitors product offerings help our customers meet the increasing demands on RF power amplifier markets to develop solutions that continually enhance output power, performance and decrease cost while utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.”