Microwave Journal

Nynex and Newtec Provide Coverage for Middle East and Central Asia

December 14, 2010

Leading VSAT system integrator Nynex has installed Newtec's FlexACM® technology to provide new coverage for the Middle East and Central Asia region. Using a combination of Newtec's Elevation ACM Shaper and Encapsulators (EL860), Elevation IP Satellite Modulators (EL170) and Elevation IP Satellite Modems (EL470), Nynex is running three transponders on Eutelsat W48 to deliver Internet trunking for high-speed Internet in Iraq and Afghanistan via WiMAX and 3G networks.

The Newtec equipment is installed at the IABG teleport in Ottobrunn, Germany, and in remote locations in the Middle East. The service provides connectivity to local civilian and military users at competitive rates, and with previously unattainable service availability.

"By combining Nynex' Monitoring and Control System, the advantage of an inclined satellite and the high performance of Newtec's Elevation technology with the robustness of Newtec's FlexACM solution, we can now easily deliver 100 Mbit rates, much better service availability and a more appropriate solution to our customers in the region," said Andreas Buxbaum, Managing Director, Nynex.

"With this installation, Nynex has made a significant improvement to the Internet service available in the region," said Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec. "The FlexACM technology is a key factor in facilitating the expansion of reliable connectivity at cost-effective rates, particularly in conditions that are subject to heavy rain attenuation or other regular link degradations."

Newtec's Elevation IP modems are designed for the efficient transmission of IP over satellite at rates from 512 Kbps to 160 Mbps in full compliance with DVB-S2 standard (including 16APSK and 32APSK), and support a wide range of encapsulation protocols, such as MPE, ULE, GSE and XPE. They can be used in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint architecture in one-way configurations with terrestrial return channels or two-way configurations with return channel over satellite.