Microwave Journal

EADS Supplies Radar and Weapon Coordination Systems to the Netherlands

May 14, 2005

The Dutch ministry of defence has awarded a contract to EADS to supply technical systems for Future Ground Based Air Defence (FGBAD). FGBAD NL is the reconnaissance and command system of the future for the Dutch army’s anti-aircraft operations. It will modernise the air surveillance network and ensure the interoperability and compatibility of the air defence systems used by the country’s armed forces with those of their NATO partners. The system thus represents an important step forward for the Netherlands in fulfilling present-day air surveillance requirements and crisis reaction forces at home and abroad.

Intended to optimise air surveillance, the contract covers the delivery of three TRML-3D mobile tactical surveillance and target acquisition radar units. With an antenna sampling time of only two seconds, these units provide real-time surveillance. A communications vehicle with integrated interfaces ensures unrestricted interoperability with other surveillance radars and control centres.

To ensure weapon coordination, all components of the FGBAD NL are networked in a wireless LAN communications infrastructure. This modern communications network enables the secure real-time exchange of information between the radar units, the command vehicle and the weapon systems, so that the present air situation and the degree of threat can be analysed. A standard NATO data link is used for coordinating operations with NATO partners.