Microwave Journal

A.T. Wall Features High Quality Waveguide Tubing

September 15, 2010

A.T. Wall Co., a supplier of superior precision tubing and fabricated metal components, will feature a range of precision-drawn, high-quality waveguide tubing at the 40th European Microwave Conference (EuMC), September 27th – 30th, Booth 11, at the CNIT, in Paris, France. Highlighted products will include thin wall aluminum waveguide and seamless flexible waveguide.

A.T. Wall is also sponsoring The Defense/Security Executive Forum as part of European Microwave Week 2010, running concurrently with EuMC. The forum features leading representatives from European defense agencies, market analysts and industry executives in a discussion on current initiatives, market trends and strategies impacting the European Defense/Security sector.

A.T. Wall’s broad selection of waveguide tubing is available in-stock, allowing for fast and efficient turnaround time to meet the special product requirements of customers.

Thin wall aluminum waveguide and seamless flexible waveguide are applicable to airborne systems and space in all satellite applications. Systems designed with aluminum tubes with ½ of or less of the standard wall thickness and performance of heavier walled products allow engineers to save thousands of dollars in a launch. Flexible waveguide also saves the customer money by reducing space needs with its ability to be bent to fit into small spaces.

From A.T. Wall’s stamping division, a base for a universal sensor originally produced as a machined part will be featured. A.T. Wall engineers work with a customer’s engineering staff to develop a stamping process, which results in significant cost reduction and increased manufacturing efficiency. Depending upon the quantity produced, the customer can achieve up to 65 percent cost savings using a stamped part rather than a machined part.