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Advantech Wireless wins contract to expand Broadband VSAT Network in Latin America

Advantech Wireless, a privately-held Canadian corporation and manufacturer of Satellite, RF Equipment and Microwave Systems, announced that its S4120 VSAT terminal has been selected by a major government services organization in Latin America to support multiple services including enterprise, critical infrastructure, COTM, 3G & 4G mobile backhaul and broadband access.

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Linear Technology's 92mW direct conversion I/Q modulator

 A new low power I/Q modulator from Linear Technology enables battery-powered transmitters operating in the 30MHz to 1.3GHz frequency bands, breaking new ground in power consumption, sideband suppression, carrier leakage and dynamic range performance. The LTC5599 modulator, powered from a single 2.7V to 3.6V supply, draws only 28mA current, less than 60% that of alternative solutions-with no performance sacrifice.  

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