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Agilent introduces wireless communications test set with integrated multiport adapter

Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced its new E6607C EXT wireless communications test set, featuring an integrated multiport adapter for cost-effective, high-volume wireless device manufacturing test. Optimized for testing multiple devices simultaneously, the EXT-C with integrated multiport adapter enables up to 3x gain in effective test throughput (vs. the EXT-B) for less than 1.3x the price.

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AWR app note describes end-to-end design of a complex X-Band transmission analyzer

AWR has just published a new Microwave Office® software application note titled, “End-to-end Design and Realization of an X-band Transmission Analyzer Using AWR Circuit, System, and EM Software.” The note examines the complete flow and details the design of several critical design elements for this device, which integrates many RF components on a single printed circuit board (PCB).

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AWT Global introduces PIM Tester for Laboratory and QA: PIM S1L

AWT Global has launched a new line of Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Testers - the PIM S1L Series of testers. These analyzers are well suited to meet the requirements of Laboratory and Quality Assurance applications and are offered in the 700, 850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100 and 2600 MHz mobile communications bands. Other bands and customized frequency combinations are also available on request.

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