At the Journal, we seem to be experiencing an uptick in submitted articles from industry. Whether this reflects a wave of pent-up technology advances and product releases or a collective recognition that companies need to connect with their potential customers, I see it as a sign that companies are looking to emerge from the recession and win some business. I encourage everyone in our industry to write about their products or services. Communicate what you have to offer, who benefits from this product and why, where, when is it the preferred solution. Advertising is another form of communication, especially in our industry where an ad that may look like a data sheet to some could be the missing part of a puzzle to an engineer designing an RF sub-assembly. For coordinating your ad placements with targeted niches within the microwave field, here’s a look at the upcoming print editorial through the end of the year.

October: Government and Military Electronics

With the backdrop of escalating R&D costs and shrinking national defence budgets, Attila Simon of the European Defence Agency writes about his organization’s commitment to promoting defense R&D in the field of RF and microwave technology while building new defense capabilities and strengthening the European defense technological and industrial base. This cover story serves as a case study for how government agencies are developing a systematic approach toward determining defense R&D strategies, setting technology priorities for sophisticated military systems and working with the private sector to help them compete in the global market.

November: RF/microwave Passive and Control Components

With the growing trend to support multi-band devices in both the commercial and defense markets, the RF/microwave switch is playing an increasingly critical role. Along with this need is a fair amount of engineering activity in enhancing RF semiconductor technologies such as PHEMTs, CMOS, Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI), Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) and MEMs. Our cover story looks at these various technologies for switch applications and market drivers. Our look at RF passive components includes technical articles on a miniaturized, semi-lumped UWB bandpass filter; a resonant antenna that covers bands for UHF mobile TV, CDMA and GSM; and a novel multi-section impedance transformer technique for silicon-based RFICs. This issue should have broad appeal to engineers working on RF front-ends and sub-systems for mobile devices, high-speed test instruments, base stations and military radio communications.

November Supplement: RF/microwave Mobile Communications

This supplement, which gets bonus distribution at Mobile World Congress, takes a look at the microwave ecosystem being impacted by various trends in mobile communications today, from devices to infrastructure. At last year’s MWC, the RF community was well represented by folks in microwave/millimeter-wave backhaul, RF testing, antennas, cables/connectors and RF front-end modules. This year our editorial will reflect these areas of interest. Our cover story will feature a special report on the mobile communication market for 2011. Technical articles will include a compact balanced LNA for WiMAX base station applications, a broadband MIMO RF transmitter design and how one commercial PA vendor is addressing the evolving market needs with sophisticated power management architecture.

December: Industrial, Scientific and Medical Applications

Green Technology!!! Nearly everyone is either pursuing or keeping a close watch on potential business opportunities in this broad emerging market. Driven by social concern over the environment and government incentives, green technology is moving from pipe dream to research and early deployment. Microwave technology will play an important role in areas such as smart metering and energy management as well as home networking. One of the microwave players in this space is Analog Devices, and they will author our cover story this month on some opportunities they are pursuing. Is your company involved in smart energy? We’d love to hear from you. E-mail me at to discuss editorial opportunities.