Spanish broadband specialist Quantis is bringing the full-service broadband experience to remote and rural communities across Spain, via Newtec's satellite-based Sat3Play® technology, including hub and low-cost, easy-to-install terminals. The €24 M, Spanish government-sponsored program aims to establish a chain of neighborhood Internet access centers, known as Telecentros, in areas where broadband access cannot be provided by cable.

The new low-cost, Ka-band-ready Sat3Play terminal includes Newtec's 4CPM modulation and coding scheme, which substantially increases the speed and bandwidth efficiency of the return link. This makes Sat3Play a perfect fit for both the consumer and enterprise market and it supports a large variety of professional applications such as the maritime, energy, transport and security markets.

The development of Internet infrastructure in Spain faces the considerable challenge posed by the remote nature of many rural communities and the mountainous terrain in many parts of the country. As a result, access by traditional means is not an option for large areas, where broadband over cable is too expensive to install.

Telecentros are Spain's answer to the problem. These local Internet centers, where free access and computer facilities are available, give rural communities a link to the information society for the first time. Spain now has 100 active Telecentros, with another 200 planned.

"These Telecentros are a really exciting development for rural areas which would miss out on the Internet without them," said Aquilino Antuña, CEO of Quantis. "It's a very satisfying thing to be able to bring a true broadband experience to these communities, thanks to the Newtec Sat3Play technology."