WiSpry Inc. announced that the company has signed an agreement with NTT DOCOMO Inc. to jointly develop tunable filters for mobile phone applications based on WiSpry’s RF-MEMS technology. Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will work together and draw on each other’s expertise to design and develop new and enhanced tunable filters. WiSpry will supply tunable RF-MEMS technology, and DOCOMO will provide system and application technology. This project is expected to provide tunable filters for use in mobile phone platforms.

High-performance, tunable filters will usher in a new generation of mobile phones and media devices offering improved performance and battery life at lower cost and size. Products that incorporate WiSpry’s RF-MEMS technology additionally benefit from the increased performance through increased network capacity and fewer dropped calls.

“The game-changing benefit of applying tunable filters within handsets has been understood for many years, while the performance and costs of available tuning technologies were not up to the task,” said Arthur Morris, WiSpry CTO. “Only now, with innovative designs and our CMOS-integrated tuning technologies, is this vision moving toward realization.”