Modelithics, Inc.has released their latest version of their popular linear and non-linear device and system level component model Libraries. The Modelithics Library version 7.0 encompasses Modelithics popular CLR, NLT, and NLD Sub-Libraries™ and introduces our new System Level Component (SLC) sub-library to MWO users. All are available within one installer, providing increased efficiency and flexibility for our customers. This upgrade also introduces 32 new Global Models for passive RLC’s, and non-linear models for diode, switch, amplifier, and transistors - significantly increasing the number of well-documented, highly accurate and scalable measurement-based models available. Justin Magers, Senior RF/Microwave Engineer for National Instruments, a leading test, measurement and control solutions provider, commented, “The Modelithics Libraries allow us to achieve first-pass success for GHz designs on printed circuit boards.”

Modelithics also announces their new pricing strategy making the Modelithics COMPLETE Library a better value than ever before. The price of the complete set of Modelithics Libraries will now be available at the same cost of the CLR Library alone. All customers with current Platinum Maintenance contracts for the CLR Library will receive upgrades to Modelithics COMPLETE, hence will receive licensing for the NLD (diode), NLT (transistor) and SLC (system level components) Libraries as well. Modelithics continues to deliver on their promise of providing Precision Measurements and Models You Trust to design engineers using microwave EDA software – enabling accelerated design cycles and lower product development costs.

With version 7.0 there is now a single Modelithics COMPLETE Library installer for all sub-libraries, including CLR, NLD, NLT, and SLC Libraries with user options to select features to install. The Modelithics library v7.0 release notes for Agilent ADS and AWR's Microwave Officecontains a complete listing of the component available in the new library.

Modelithics, Inc. was formed in 2001 to address the industry-wide need for high-accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Current products include the CLR Library™, which contains measurement-based Global Models for a multitude of commercially-available passive component families, the NLD Library™ (non-linear diode models), the NLT Library™ (non-linear transistor models) and the SLC Library ™ (system level component models). Modelithics’ services also address a wide range of custom RF and microwave measurement and modeling needs.

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