The Sarantel SL1203C antenna’s integrated O-Ring improves upon an already rugged, waterproof and dust-proof design of the SL1203A. It still weighs-in at only 13.4 grams, including the built-in SMA Plug. An integral DC block allows direct connection to receivers with DC voltage on the RF input. Package dimensions: 14 D x 19 W x 32 mm L.

An external GPS antenna with a built-in O-Ring, the SL1203C simplifies RF front-end design and device-integration for GPS receivers. Like the SL1203A before it, the SL1203C antenna employs Sarantel’s patented GeoHelix® dielectrically loaded, quadrafilar helix technology, which minimizes the normal detuning effects of close body proximity, and makes this antenna ideal for handheld or body worn GPS devices. The balanced construction and inherent filtering capability eliminate the need for external SAW filters or baluns.