Cognitive Radar: The Knowledge-Aided Fully Adaptive Approach
Joseph R. Guerci

Cognitive Radar: The Knowledge-Aided Fully Adaptive Approach addresses major new developments in optimal and adaptive MIMO radar and knowledge-aided processing, yielding an entirely new dynamic radar architecture that possesses unprecedented capabilities for adaptation in challenging real-world environments. It covers important breakthroughs in advanced radar systems, and offers new and powerful methods for combating difficult clutter environments. In addition, there are details on specific algorithmic and real-time high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) architectures. This practical book is supported with numerous examples that clarify key topics, and includes more than 370 equations.

After a brief introduction to cognitive radar, the book covers optimal and adaptive MIMO radar including several examples from various systems. The optimization chapter covers transmit and receive functions along with MIMO target identifications and radar. Knowledge-aided adaptive radar is covered next with a final chapter on combining all the material for cognitive radar. Each chapter includes several examples and references to assist in understanding the material.

The author uses his many years of experience in the areas of research from work pioneered by experts from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA), where he led major new radar developments. Although this subject area has been researched for many years, it is still in its infancy so this book only briefly covers the subject as an introduction. Therefore, it is only intended to present key concepts as an overview to the field and further reading is needed for comprehensive coverage of this subject.

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