High Power Broadband RF Amplifiers
Empower is pleased to present the companyís updated products and capabilities guide. The brochure is a comprehensive overview of the companyís capabilities and a listing of its most popular amplifier products. With products that cover from 150 kHz to 6 GHz and an extensive library of building block designs, there is an array of catalog standard and semi-custom solutions available to consider. This brochure will be especially useful for buyers, sales reps and engineers.

Empower RF Systems Inc.,
Inglewood, CA
(310) 412-8100,
RS No. 328

Product Catalog
K&L Microwaveís 128-page catalog can be used as a desktop reference guide that offers details and specifications to help designers and engineers choose products quickly. Integrated assemblies and a wide assortment of lumped component, cavity, ceramic and suspended substrate filters are among the many types of products featured in this catalog.

K&L Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424,
www.klmicrowave.com, www.klfilterwizard.com
RS No. 329

Short-form Product Guide
The Lorch Microwave short-form product guide presents the companyís complete product range in a clear and concise format. The products featured are used in a wide range of military and commercial applications. Also included are frequency range of operation, photographs and specific application information, charts and tables.

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100,
RS No. 330