Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. has announced that the company has successfully transferred its first bipolar process, the W-series process, onto its 8-inch line in Plymouth, UK. The W-series bipolar process is a critical process for a number of new product releases as well as part of the ongoing support Plessey is providing to its existing foundry customers.

The first two Plessey products now in product test have been produced on the W-series process. The process exhibits very good low current performance, high linearity, and because of the single crystal emitter structure has inherently low flicker noise. These attributes are particularly effective in communication applications including low current circuits, synthesizers and tuners.

“Not only is the process an excellent tool for communications products, the W-series linear bipolar process also offers excellent packing density. When this attribute is coupled with a transistor BVCEO of 18 volts we are able to design a competitive range of linear power devices,” said Peter Osborne, Chief Technologist. “In the third quarter of this year, we will be releasing a range of power management devices that should provide up to 30 percent efficiency improvements over what is currently available from competitive process technologies.”

Paul James, Commercial Director, commented, “This is good news and is a positive indication for the remaining bipolar transfers. We have our range of high performance analog RF components on our complementary bipolar processes and these are now expected out in August of this year. We are on plan and continue to receive encouraging signs from our customers and the markets.”