STEAG encotec GmbH, a subsidiary of the STEAG group, a large energy producer in Germany, has contracted EADS Secure Networks to build a TETRA digital radio network. The new digital operations radio system, which will be built to the TETRA standard, meets the industrial company's latest requirements for security, performance and profitability with regard to the company’s internal communication. Among the users will be the stand-by services, the Works Fire Brigade as well as the personnel responsible for service, maintenance and radio interference suppression at STEAG. The network will provide them with support for information exchange, malfunction management and personal security and will improve the general operational processes through coordinated site communication.

The system's capabilities in data transmission will be used to operate remote control systems and the network is planned to enter operation in April 2006. With its central exchange station and 15 base stations, the network will initially cover the core area of the Ruhr region. Furthermore, EADS will provide dispatcher workstations, radio devices and services. The parameterization of the terminals and the provision of services for the user such as vehicle installations will be performed by Industrie, Funk und Nachrichtentechnik GmbH (IFN), EADS' project partner in Essen.

STEAG encotec GmbH will operate the network and it will be the first German industrial company to offer digital radio services on a large scale to third parties.