Thales has signed a contract with Armasuisse (the Swiss Army) for the production and delivery of multi-purpose transmitter systems including management and control software at a total of approximately €60 million. The delivery will take place until the end of 2008 and this contract represents an important step towards strengthening the Thales C4ISTAR market position in Switzerland.

The multi-purpose transmitters are an important part of the Integrated System for the Surveillance and Radio Transmission (Integriertes Funkaufklärungs und Sendesystem or IFASS), which has been approved for procurement by Swiss Parliament within the scope of the Armament Program 2005. The IFASS system is jointly used by the air force and the command support troops and establishes a durable image of the actual military radio situation.

The multi-purpose transmitters replace the existing transmitters that were delivered by Thomson-CSF, now known as Thales SA, almost 25 years ago. Together with the associated management and control software they form the electronic countermeasure system (ECM) of IFASS.

Thales Suisse SA is prime contractor and local system integrator of the ECM system and the main supplier with technical overall responsibility is Thales Communications SA, France.