The new 1000 Amp Free-Wheel Diode Module from Richardson can be used to add increased free-wheeling diode capability across Powerex’s standard IGBT product lines. The QRS061K001 high-current fast diode module was developed for use on 230 V AC lines (or 340 V DC lines) and has an average current rating of 420 Amps.

Applications for which the QRS061K001 has been designed include inverters, switching power supplies, choppers, welding power supplies and high-frequency rectifiers. The device has an optimized thermal management system incorporating an AIN substrate with a copper base.

QRS061K001 features include: 600 V, 1000A Rating; fast recovery time (150 ns maximum); isolated package - 3 KV RMS isolation voltage; and low thermal impedance (0.07 °C/W, junction to case).