The winners of the seventh international case study competition, which is run by Rohde & Schwarz in cooperation with the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE), was won by Team “Gauß Krach” from the Technical University of Aachen. Each of the five students, Stefan Liebich, Vitaly Volevach, Moritz Schrey, Daniel Rüschen and Marius Cordts, received an Apple iPad and their university was awarded €2,000.

One hundred seventy five participants from 12 universities located in Germany and Singapore took part in the competition and battled in the preliminary rounds for a place in the final round. The motto of this year’s case study competition was, “Move Up to the Next Level! The Future of Digital Broadcasting is in Your Hands!" The participants were asked to solve complex exercises related to the DVB-T standard and its successor, DVB-T2.

After proving their expertise in the preliminary rounds, the students really got down to business in the final round held at Rohde & Schwarz’ Munich headquarters. As in the earlier rounds, the students’ presentations not only had to be technically convincing, they also had to be economically feasible. Soft skills such as solution-oriented thinking, teamwork and presentation technique were also evaluated.

Michael Vohrer, President and CEO of Rohde & Schwarz, commented, "As a high-tech company, Rohde & Schwarz lives from its innovations and therefore wants to attract the best minds in the world. Rohde & Schwarz, with its technological developments, is always at the forefront – whether we are developing new features for television or for wireless communications test and measurement equipment. Events such as the case study competition are an opportunity to attract young engineers to our company. By solving real cases, they realize how their studies apply to real life and are motivated to keep going."